The history of the hotel restaurant Taverne goes way back and starts in 1860. In 1859, the first town hall of the municipality of Voorst opened its doors on the then Wilpscheweg in the village of Twello. A year later, in 1860, Johannes Bernhardus Palaster opens tavern De Kroon in the building next door. Visitors to the town hall could go to De Kroon for food and drinks. Next to De Kroon there was a pass-through stable for the visitors’ horses.
After some time De Kroon comes into the hands of the Van Scheen family. In 1927 cattle trader Frans Huisman buys the café. The pass-through barn is being converted into a butcher's shop. The buildings remain in possession of the family until 1987.
Victor Taverne stems from a true catering family. In the 80s of the last century he witnesses with dismay how De Kroon is slowly falling in disrepair. It bothers him that De Kroon, situated in a beautiful, central location in Twello, is starting to look decrepit and worn out, while he is convinced that the old inn has everything it needs to be a good catering establishment.
With the family name Taverne you almost have no other choice than to use that name. Victor and Nardy therefore start their establishment under the name Hotel Restaurant Taverne.
In 1987 a dream comes true and Victor and his wife Nardy become owners of De Kroon. They want to start a restaurant there.

At that moment there are no ambitions to continue the hotel. Until ... the first guests are at the door totally unexpectedly. They have stayed in De Kroon before and think they will find shelter there again.
Victor and Nardy do not think twice: they make the beds, provide the most necessary things in the rooms and cook that first night together with their guests. It is a fun experience for everyone. Moreover, it is immediately clear that there is a demand for hotel rooms here.
At this point, the facilities are still minimal: the six rooms are very simple and the shower is located in the hallway under the stairs. Nevertheless, the couple Taverne decides to revitalize the hotel as well.
In its 30 years of existence, Hotel Restaurant Taverne has undergone five major renovations. The adjacent butcher shop has been purchased so that more rooms can be realized. Victor and Nardy have managed to preserve the characteristics of the old, cozy village inn.
The hotel restaurant now has 12 comfortably furnished rooms (8 on the first floor, 5 on the ground floor), and an apartment. The kitchen is equipped with all modern conveniences and a stylish conservatory, with veranda at the front, completed the hotel restaurant in 2007. It is ready to offer a warm welcome to the guests in the coming years.